Online shopping becomes a number one choice for many people who want to buy something and do not want to spend their time to wait in the cashier or to go and buy it by themselves. So this day, to create an online shop can be a good thing, especially, when you sell unusual or unique goods on your online store. Visit to learn more.

Despite there are many advantages that can be gained from online shopping, there must be something less favourable. Even though the success in the purchase through an online shopping store is pretty awesome, there are still some weaknesses in general, many people complained about it. Here is the list of the disadvantages of online shopping:

– You can not directly examine the items that you want to buy
If you are one of the direct buyers who want to touch, see and test the product in person, in online shopping you can not afford to do that. The online store can only show the product description and photograph of the item, which can be a disadvantage for many online shoppers.

– You can be fooled when shopping on an untrusted site
There are many online stores are reliable, but many were simply wanted to trick prospective buyers to get into the misery or in essence, you could be fooled if shopping at a store or site that have less credibility or no clear address or testimonials on the site. So, if you want to shop in an online shop, first check the credibility of the store.

– The loss of Instant Satisfaction
Unlike buying in retail stores, you can use the product immediately after you buy it, which can certainly satisfy your feelings. However, by online shopping, you need to be patience to wait for the items to arrive at your door about 2 to 3 days or even longer depending on your location.